Best Tozo Bluetooth Earbuds: Which are the best Tozo earbuds in 2022?

So Tozo has launched so many Different types of Earbuds in the market which are so much affordable and Providing Good Features as compared to Other headphones Brands like Beats, Sony, and Samsung.

With Some Different Features (Sound Quality, Noise Cancellation, Comfort, …) this makes Deciding which tozo Bluetooth earbuds are best for you according to your lifestyle.

So, I and My team tested 15 Different Models of Tozo out of which we have chosen 7 which we think are the best for you, each Earbud is based on criteria you would care about: Comfort, Sound quality and etc.

Best Tozo Earbuds: Which are the best Tozo earbuds?

List of the best Tozo earbuds?

NameBattery LifeTotal Battery Life with Charging CaseCharging Time
Tozo 12 Pro4-7 hours160 hours45 Minutes
TOZO T10 5 hours24 hours1.5 hours
TOZO T66 hours30 hours55 Minutes
TOZO NC97 hours24 hours45 minutes
TOZO T98 hours15 hours10 minutes 1.5 hours of playtime
TOZO G110 hours24 hours45 minutes

Buying Guide: How to Choose the best Tozo Earbuds

TOZO is making earbuds for 2015 the compy was founded in Seattle, Washington, USA.they have years of experience making good quality earbuds.

What will You use them for?

So if you are looking for the best Tozo earbuds, then you have to first clarify for what purpose to buy the best Tozo earbuds. for example, if you a person likes to listen to music then he needs to buy such type of earbuds that have good sound quality but on the other hand, if a sports player wants the best Tozo earbuds, then he got such earbuds in which he gets the feature of good IP rating because IP rating makes earbuds sweat Proof.

  • For Workout and Gyming:- If you want to use these Tozo earbuds for intense workouts then you must need a Good IP rating in these earbuds, IP rating Means How much Earbuds are sweatproof and Waterproof, and the good IP is IPX4 or above. And in all of Tozo’s earbuds, you will get to see the IP Rating IPX4 or above only.
  • For Gaming:- Now some people be ”How we can use wireless earbuds for gaming” but here is the solution. the TOZO G1 is the best TOZO earbuds for gaming. the earbuds have low latency which made them good for gaming.

Sound Quality

Look, if we are talking about the sound quality of these TOZO earbuds, then there is no doubt that their sound quality is excellent according to the price point. we need Good Sound quality in every situation, whether working out in the gym or in a noisy environment. Most Tozo earbuds have a somewhat exciting V-shaped sound profile. they have more than enough bass-end rumble and thump to satisfy those who love EDM and hip-hop.


As we know, we need comfort in every type of earbuds, whether it is from tozo or not. and sometimes it becomes difficult to choose the best and most effective earbuds. You have to take care of some factors to choose the best comfy earbuds first weight and ear tips size. the good weight is about 0.04 lbs for each earbud Tozo Provides Different Sizes of ear tips with earbuds and With the help of ear tips, you can adjust them according to the size of your ear.

Battery Life

I know some of the tozo earbuds lack battery life like TOZO T10 have only 4 hours of battery. but if we talk about other tozo earbuds like Tozo T12 then they do perform very well in battery life. the battery life of the tozo T12 is about 9 hours on a single charge with pretty impressive battery life. but again talk about the beats Fit pro they only provide a battery life of about 6 hours on a single charge.

Best Overall:- TOZO T9

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Features and Comfort

the tozo t9 has the world’s latest Bluetooth connectivity technology Bluetooth 5.3. The TOZO T9 Wireless Earbuds have a classic look. the Design of the tozo T9 earbuds is Similar to the AirPods Pro, in-ear silicone tip design with an extended stem.

the battery life of T9 earbuds is about 7-8 hours which is quiet enough for long days sessions. the Microphone got Noise cancellation which works well.

By the way, Earbuds are made of dense plastic but they feel very strong to the touch and if you accidentally fall a couple of times, then nothing will be damaged.

Sound Quality

The earbuds Sound really great, they have an 8mm driver which provides loud, clear, and crisp sound. the frequency range of earbuds is around 30-40 feet So that even if you take the earbuds 40 feet away from the device, then there will be no problem in the connection, and tozo t9 produces well balanced highs, lows, and mids.

Product Information:-

  • Form Factor:- In-ear
  • Frequency Range:- 20 – 20 kHz
  • Battery Life:- 7-8 Hours on a Single Charge and 12 hours with a Case
  • IP Rating:- IPX7
  • Weight:- 0.03 lbs
  • Microphone:- Yes


  • Strong Build Quality
  • Bluetooth Latest Technology
  • Tiny size 


  • No warranty information

Tozo 12 Pro

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Features and Comfort

Tozo T12 is Sports Oriented earbud, the earbuds have an IPX8 rating which makes them fully waterproof and Sweatproof. the earbuds are so lightweight they are only 0.03 lbs. the earbuds come with 5 different sizes of ear tips for better, so if one ear tips create discomfort so you can Change it.

the Tozo 12 Pro is made of dense High-Quality plastic, so build wise they are sturdy. the Bluetooth technology is 5.0 for a stable connection but it can’t be used for gaming becuase of a High Latency Problem.

The earbuds are good for phone calls becuase they have an Integrated microphone Your voice should sound fairly natural but also thin. the battery life of buds is about 6 hours on a single charge and 160 hours with charging case.

Sound Quality

The Sound Quality of the earbuds is Great for the price, the frequency response of earbuds is 16Hz due to which they do provide decent quality bass and produce well balanced Highs, lows, and mids.

One more good thing about them is The passive Noise cancellation works very well, the earbuds can easily reduce background noise up to 22 dB.

The earbuds are equipped with an advanced audio DSP processor, audio algorithm, and audio algorithm so that the treble and bass are comparable to high-end headphones.

Product Information:-

  • Form Factor:- In-ear
  • Frequency Range:- Up to 20 kHz 
  • Battery Life:- 6-7 Hours on a Single Charge and 160 hours with a Case
  • IP Rating:- IPX8
  • Weight:- 0.03 lbs
  • Microphone:- Yes


  • Battery Life
  • Waterproof
  • High-Quality Sound


  • Little high Price than other earbuds of Tozo


dfs -

Features and Comfort

TOZO T10 is also a truly wireless Compact size earbud, the T10 earbuds are famous for their small size and Passive Noise cancellation. these are the world one of the smallest earbuds and this is not a joke it’s a fact. the size of TOZO T10 is only ‎2.64 x 2.51 x 1.68 cm; 2 Grams.

They are decently comfortable, and the earbuds box also contains 4 different sizes of silicone ear tips to enhance comfort, The earbuds can get stuck in your ears when you press the buttons but they are easy to removable also.

the earbuds can also be used for listening to music, sleeping, and even doing intense workouts. they are made of simple dense plastic and have IPX8 fully waterproof and Sweatproof rating. The other cool feature of the case is that the earbuds can be used wirelessly for charging.

The one disappointing this which I found in earbuds is bad battery life, they are able to give playtime only up to 4 hours on a single charge and 18 hours with the case, and for phone calls microphone is slightly better than the TOZO T12 pro.

Sound Quality

The frequency response of the earbuds is stable due to which they provide good clear and crisp sound but they do lack deeper bass. overall in the budget friendly price range of only under $25, these are one of the best earbuds, and the premium features that tozo is providing no other brand provides.

The Passive Noise cancellation of these earbuds is amazing, the earbuds can easily reduce noises up to 26 dB which is unexpected in this price range.

Product Information:-

  • Form Factor:- In-ear
  • Frequency Range:- No Information
  • Battery Life:- 4 Hours on a Single Charge and 18 hours with a Case
  • IP Rating:- IPX8
  • Weight:- 0.004 lbs
  • Microphone:- Yes


  • Wireless charging case.
  • Rated IPX8 for waterproofing
  • unbelievable noise Cancellation


  • Disappointing battery life.


hh -

Features and Comfort

The TOZO T6 is one of the latest models by TOZO. features wise they are very similar to other tozo earbuds, The main difference that tozo has made is in the design, the design of the case is similar to that of the AirPods Pro and the design of the earbuds is very similar to the TOZO T10.

In the earbuds box, we get to size 5 different sizes of silicone ear tips and they’re slightly thinner and smaller. well, the build quality is not different at all they are also made of dense plastic but the case feels really solid.

the earbuds have an IPX8 full dustproof rating and the battery of the earbuds is 6 hours on a single charge and 27 hours with the charging case.

Sound Quality

the sound quality of these earbuds is better than the TOZO 10, due to 0.03dB Std. Deviation in the sound quality remains well balanced and we don’t get to see an unbalancing in highs, lows, treble, mids, and bass,

For a good music experience, They have a slightly bass-heavy bass, which will please EDM and hip-hop fans. the noise cancellation of these earbuds is also too much good they can easily block out noises up to 25 dB.

Product Information:-

  • Form Factor:- In-ear
  • Frequency Range:- 30 feet 
  • Battery Life:- 6 Hours on a Single Charge and 27hours with a Case
  • IP Rating:- IPX8
  • Weight:- 0.05 lbs
  • Microphone:- Yes


  • Very consistent audio delivery.
  • Great passive noise isolation.
  • Stable fit.
  • IPX8 rating for water resistance.


  • No companion app.
  • Terrible passive soundstage.
  • They lack a companion app and have no customization options.


ssd -

Features and Comfort

the TOZO NC9 is TOZO one of the best earbuds the earbuds are famous for their Active Noise cancellation, the earbuds come with 6 different sizes of ear tips which you can adjust according to your ear size and they are too light weighted only about 0.02 lbs.

The earbuds also have good breathability so they don’t produce sweat in the ears, the case earbuds is well built made of plastic, and feel sturdy. the build is again similar they are made of glossy plastic and the IP rating of these earbuds is IPX6 Sweatproof.

The manufacturer claims a battery life of 8 hours continuous, our tests showed that they lasted just over four hours when we used ANC mode the actual battery of the buds is around 4.5 hours on a single charge and 17 hours with the case.

Sound Quality

The sound quality of NC9 earbuds is amazing for the price, they really produce well balanced highs lows and mids the bass accuracy is superb and they got a 9.2mm, driver, in each earbud that provides loud and clear sound.

the earbuds also got an Active Noise cancellation feature which works top notch they can easily block out background noises up to 22dB.

Product Information:-

  • Form Factor:- In-ear
  • Frequency Range:- 50 feet 
  • Battery Life:- 8 Hours on a Single Charge and 17 hours with a Case
  • IP Rating:- IPX6
  • Weight:- 0.02 lbs
  • Microphone:- Yes
  • Noise cancellation:- Yes


  • Impressive noise isolation.
  • Portable design.
  • IPX6 rating for water resistance.
  • Stable enough for moderately intense workouts.


  • No sound customization options.
  • 4.2-hour continuous battery life.


ddd -

Features and Comfort

The TOZO G1 is a gaming earbud by tozo. the earbuds are specifically made for gaming purposes. the earbuds have ultra-low latency. if you are a gamer and you want budget-friendly gaming earbuds then the tozo G1 is the best choice for you.

The G1 Earbuds are a modern, dynamic and sharply-lined design, specifically designed for the gaming market. the design of the earbuds is similar to TOZO T9 but they got RGB lights on the case and on the earbuds. Battery life for the TOZO G1 Earbuds can last up to 10 hours.

Sound Quality

The sound quality of the earbuds is Similar to TOZO’s other earbuds, but if you are a serious gamer and you want to listen to your enemy’s footsteps deeply then these earbuds are a good choice for you. Tozo G1 gaming headphones are a great choice for serious gamers. You can play your favorite games longer without stopping or taking breaks.

Product Information:-

  • Form Factor:- In-ear
  • Latency:- 45ms Ultra Low-Latency
  • Battery Life:- 10 Hours on a Single Charge and 24 hours with a Case
  • IP Rating:- N/S
  • Weight:- 0.04 lbs
  • Microphone:- Yes


  • Good Battery life
  • Low Latency for gaming
  • Specifically made for gaming


  • no warranty information


What are the best earbuds from TOZO?

These are the top 5 picks of the best earbuds from TOZO
1. Tozo 12 Pro Price:- $49.99
2. TOZO T10  Price:- $25.98
3. TOZO T6 Price:- $29.99
4. TOZO T12 Price:- $36.99
5. TOZO NC9Price:- $39.99

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